Often, a client may have a question or concern that is shared by a large majority of our customers. We’d love to try and answer questions with the following FAQ section before using up your valuable time trying to schedule an appointment.

Is there any cost to transfer my 401k to you?

There is usually no cost to transfer or roll over 401k money. This is done from your 401k company directly to your new custodian.

What do you do that is different from other firms when you manage money?

We study the markets, and latest research from academics and leading research organizations. We then apply that information to the strategies we use for clients.

Do you customize portfolios?

Yes. We can offer a level of skill and customization to a $100,000 portfolio that is only availble at major brokerage accounts on $25,000,000 portfolios and above.

Can you provide retirement income?

Yes. We provide retirement income in 5 different ways. This include portfolio harvesting, fixed income investments, insurance based guaranteed contracts, active income generation, and alternative cash producing investments.

What are your fees or commissions?

We do not charge a commission. Our fees range from 0.25% per year to 1.5% of assets under management. The fee is based on the size of the account and complexity of the type of management we are providing.

Still have questions? Let us help you out.